Greg McKneally - Animation/VFX Showreel
Photon Shepherds Director Gregory McKneally has new showreels online. Check out the Animation and Visual Effects reel here. -- Check out some recent illustrations here. And watch the slightly oudated Concept Art Reel here.
Greg McKneally - Illustration & Concept Art Gallery - 2014 UPDATE!
Greg has posted a selection of new illustrations, digital paintings, & studies into the illustration gallery. Some are hand-drawn, others digital, and many of them have never been seen online before.
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HTC Beats Cinema Commercial - Nice Biscuits
Greg provided photorealistic beard animation, rendering and compositing for this funky commercial for HTC by Nice Biscuits. He also did the animation and compositing for the endframe featuring the products.
Modeling by Silvia Bartoli.
Watch the Commercial....
CYMATICS - Ongoing Science and Art project with John Telfer.
In collaboration with musician/composer/inventor John Telfer, Greg has been creating a series of films based around Cymatics - the study of how sound interacts with matter. The films explore the symmetries created by different frequencies and how they relate to other phenomena on earth. To create the music John has been inventing instruments based on the harmonic series of tones which generate cymatic patterns. Check out the website for the project here.
BASEMENT JAXX - Tour Visuals - Day of the Sunflowers (feat. Yoko Ono) .
Check out the latest tour visuals for Basement Jaxx's 2009-2010 tour. For 'Day of the Sunflowers' featuring Yoko Ono, Greg created an army of sunflowers marching and grooving to the basement beat with Gumboots Media.
The Age of Stupid.
Greg was VFX Supervisor and Lead Animator for the award-winning feature documentary featuring Pete Postlethwaite and directed by Franny Armstrong (Passion Pictures/Spanner Films). The team created numerous animated sequences in many different styles. Including apocalyptic visions of the future, the film's titles and the motion graphics for Pete's futuristic editing interface. Check out the trailer here.
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EXODUS - New images for Exhibition with Bose Collins at Art Mosh 2009-2010.
Greg & David have collaborated with Bose Collins to create a set of images for print & exhibition. The pieces were recently shown at Art Mosh in Paris and will be touring Europe. There are 3 Triptychs and one standalone piece, Exodus X, which features bizarre new character design / modelling / texturing etc from Greg McKneally.
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PEACE BEYOND JUSTICE - The Gacaca Courts of Rwanda
A bold new documentary about the controversial Gacaca Courts, set up in Rwanda to try the enormous number of people accused genocide crimes and restore some measure of balance to a society that was torn apart. Directed by G. McKneally of the Shepherds. Check out the film mini-site with stills and behind the scenes info.
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ILLUSTRATION GALLERY - Selected Works by Gregory McKneally
A selection of hand-drawn, digital and combined works, showcasing Greg's illustration and painting work from the last few years.
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Theory X Ident.
Theory X is an African media & education company providing content to broadcasters worldwide. The ident features Design, 3D animation and Sound Design by Greg McKneally.
Elevator Suite / THE WHEEL.
A hypnotic and soulful tune from Elevator Suite, fresh from their new self-titled album, released on Pure Mint Recordings. The video is a cosmic art-house journey into psychedelia. Directed and Edited by Greg McKneally & David Vigh of the Shepherds, with stunning photgraphy from Art Mafia DOP Zoltan Tombor.

A 3D animated short film, one of the Shepherds' most provocative pieces to date. Featuring striking character and set design, its a story of two young people in a mad grafitti-inspired vision of the not-so distant future.... Directed by G. McKneally
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The Shepherds' remix video for the HOT TODDY remix of Crazy P's infamous "Lady T" (Shiva Records). Like the original video, the remix video was also Banned by MTV! Directed and Edited by The Photon Shepherds (G.McKneally & D. VIgh)
A strong performance video for Crazy P. Filmed entirely on location in Blackpool, UK, where the sun is always shining.... Check the Crazy P website here. Directed & Edited by The Photon Shepherds (G. McKneally & D. Vigh) . An Art Mafia Production.More info..

Crazy P/ LADY T
The latest video from Crazy P, off the new album “A Night on Earth”.Banned by MTV, this video is definitely a trip to the darker side of funk, but its one of our favourites. Directed & Edited by The Photon Shepherds (G. McKneally & David Vigh). An Art Mafia Production. More Info...
T-Total featuring Marc Almond / Baby’s On Fire
A remix of the Brian Eno classic, the video features a strong performance from Marc Almond & T-Total in a mad world of 80s inspired graphical imagery. Direction Editing & Post-Production Supervision by The Photon Shepherds (D. Vigh & G. McKneally) An Art Mafia Production. More Info...
LIVEMIX from Sziget:
Check out The Photon Shepherds Live-mixed Video Installation!  Projections on all sides of an open-air, all night audiovisual experience at the Cinetrip Space Lab, Budapest. Featuring 5 intenational DJs.
The Photon Shepherds / Show Reel 2005 2.46"
The latest mix of The Photon Shepherds' recent projects.
Freedom Republic / Stars are shaking 2.36"
The idea is a simple video montage introducing a solid blend of vector animation and video footage.
Epileptics beware! Directed by David Vigh. Edited by Kay Shin & David Vigh.
Mass Acres
Mass Acres in a video installation, presented on 8 televisions, promoting graphics related to Daddy's Fall and Winter 2004 collection of menswear. Directed by David Vigh.
Established in 1972
Established in 1972 is a video installation, presented on 8 televisions, promoting graphics related to Daddy's Fall and Winter 2004 Collection of menswear.
Crazy Penis / Time is Right 3.25"
The Photon Shepherds have completed Crazy Penis' first ever music video. Photonic Disco! Check the Crazy P site out here. Directed & Edited by The Photon Shepherds (G. McKneally, D. Vigh & T. Nagano)
Totem 2.07"
3D animation guiding us through a meditation on the interconnectedness of all living things. Directed & Animated by G. McKneally.
Intersection 3.30"
A study prototype for an interactive video installation which explores how the fallen human microcosm  is separated from its origins: the surrounding macrocosm. Created by David Vigh.
No Freedom Found in Concrete 3.25"
This piece explores the notion of the human body in the space and time of our rapidly growing urban environment. Directed by David Vigh.
Kaleidogenerator 3.25"
Demonstration of a custom built software which enables user to generate kaleidoscopic effects from any imported imagery. Created by Taiyo Nagano.
Sae goes to Disneyland 4.13"
Hidden within normality, we find a new kind of human being - nomadic wanderers, displaced in the postmodern multicultural wonderland of the present. Directed by Fabricius Gabor.
Mint it! Live mix 6.08"
Highlights from a recording of the live video installation created for Mint Source Recordings' "Mint It!" at the Rhythm Factory on August 23rd, 2003.