Gregory McKneally - SHOWREEL - UPDATED!
Greg has a new showreel online - in HD - featuring loads of recent projects and collaborations, as a Senior 3D Artist, CG Supervisor, Lighting TD & Compositor.
THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS - New Feature Documentary with James Lovelock!
Greg is developing a new documentary feature with award-winning director Stevan Riley about visionary scientist James Lovelock. Check out the teaser trailer and kickstarter campaign here. Don't be afraid to get involved!
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Illustration / Concept Art Gallery UPDATED ! - Selected Works by Gregory McKneally .
Greg has posted a selection of new illustrations, digital paintings, & studies into the illustration gallery. Some are hand-drawn, others digital, and many of them have never been seen online before.
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Little Mix 'DNA' Music Video - CG Environments with Nice Biscuits.

Greg worked as Lead 3D Artist to create a series of CG environments for the latest music video for Little Mix. Brilliant work from the Nice Biscuits team to turn a greenscreen shoot into an evocative Noir-esque piece.
Check out the video on youtube.
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Taiyo Nagano's latest project, Tamassy Creative, has a new website with some great new content. Check out the website here.
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CYMATICS - Ongoing Science and Art Project.
Greg is collaborating with musician and composer John Telfer to create a series of films based on the study of how matter is affected by sound waves (Cymatics). Currently developing a set of 10 films exploring various aspects of the science. Check out the website here:
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CAPCOM - 'Remember Me' Trailer - 3D & VFX.
Greg has been working with Nice Biscuits to create some 3D animations and vfx for Capcom's latest release, 'Remember Me'.
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Various Projects with Pixel Kitchen.
Greg has recently been collaborating with Pixel Kitchen as VFX Supervisor / 3D Lead for Implementation (Independent Feature - trailer coming soon), various commercial projects for FedEx and the new music video for Laura Wright. Details & Videos coming soon.
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Photorealistic beard animation! HTC Beats Commercial with NIce Biscuits.
Collaborating with Nice Biscuits in Soho to create a commercial for HTC and Beats headphones, Greg had to create a Photorealistic Animated Beard (Don't get to do that everyday!) - as well as creating the endframe animation for the phone. Switch the quality to HD to see the follicles....
Brilliant modeling work for the earbuds and cans by Silvia Bartoli.
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EXODUS - New images for Exhibition with Bose Collins at Art Mosh.
Greg & David have collaborated with Bose Collins to create a set of images for print & exhibition. The pieces were recently shown at Art Mosh in Paris and will be touring Europe. There are 3 Triptychs and one standalone piece, Exodus X featuring Character Design / Modelling / Lighting from Greg McKneally. Also recently puclished in 3D Artist Magazine.
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BASEMENT JAXX - Tour Visuals
Check out the latest tour visuals for Basement Jaxx's 2009-2010 tour. For 'Day of the Sunflowers' featuring Yoko Ono, Greg created an army of sunflowers marching and grooving to the basement beat with Gumboots Media.
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THE AGE OF STUPID - Visual Effects with Passion Pictures. - TRAILER ONLINE NOW!!
The Shepherds have been working on a new feature film with Director Franny Armstrong and Animation Director Martyn Pick. Visual Effects Supervision, Design and 3D Animation from the Shepherds, in collaboration with Passion Pictures in Soho. The HD version of the trailer - which features lots of our animation, interface design and vfx shots - has just been released!! - watch it here.
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Animated Film - IN YOUR EYES - Wins 2 AWARDS in Los Angeles!!
The Shepherds' epic animation project, In Your Eyes, has just won TWO AWARDS at the International Festival of Cinema and Technology in Los Angeles. The film won 'BEST ANIMATION' and 'MOST INNOVATIVE ANIMATION'. Set in a grafitti-inspired vision of the future, the film was created to provoke discussion about sex, relationships, influences and gender. Follow the link below to check out the film. --Directed by G. McKneally
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New Music Video - Elevator Suite - THE WHEEL.
The latest hypnotic single from one of the coolest bands out there, Elevator Suite's "The Wheel" is a cosmic arthouse journey, with plenty of trippy visuals to make the mind spin. Check out their brilliant second album which has just come out on Pure Mint.
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Greg has returned from directing a documentary shoot in Rwanda investigating the Gacaca Courts - an alternative form of justice adopted to deal with the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide. Produced in association with the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, the documentary has now been completed and will be making its way to festivals this year. Many thanks to our amazing Rwandan Crew.
More info , Stills & Credits
Updated Concept Art and Animation Reels.
Photon Shepherds director Gregory McKneally has new concept art and animation/vfx reels online. Check out the Concept Art reel here. Check out the Animation / VFX reel here.
The Shepherds' remix video for the HOT TODDY edit of Crazy P's infamous "Lady T" is finally online. Banned by MTV, the video has still become one of our most successful to date.
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The Shepherds performed live at Le Cube this summer with other leading video installation artists. Based on the success of the event, our recent film, Light Noise (Mixmasters) has been displayed in the gallery at Le Cube for the Exhibition "SHOW OFF". The exhibition is on until November. Visit Le Site du Cube here.
NEW VIDEO: CRAZY P "Sun-Science"

The Shepherds' latest video for Crazy P, "Sun-Science" (Shiva Records) has just been completed. Filmed entirely on location in Blackpool, UK, where the sun is always shining.... Check the Crazy P website here. Directed & Edited by The Photon Shepherds (G. McKneally & D. Vigh) . An Art Mafia Production
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The Photon Shepherds created a live video installation in a piazza in Pordenone, Italy for the VIDEOTRONICA Festival. Three massive projections fill the square with light. Organized by our friends and fellow VJs"Cluster-1" in collaboration with Cinemazero - Taiyo and Greg created an original audiovisual event/space with The Shepherds' newest live video mix show in the open air.

The Shepherds' provocative video for Crazy P, "Lady T" (Shiva Records) has been completed. It's a dark story set to an irresistible groove. Also look out for the new album from Crazy P "A Night on Earth", with design from The Photon Shepherds, released early November.  NOTE: This video was banned from MTV! Let us know what you think!
Video and Remix Video Directed by the Photon Shepherds (G.McKneally & D. Vigh) An Art Mafia Production
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The new music video for T-Total featuring Marc Almond "Baby's On Fire" (Pure Mint Recordings) from The Photon Shepherds is now online! The video features a mad mix of animation with strong performance from the artists in a style that brings the 80s to the 21st century. Check out the video at Pure Mint.
Directed & Produced by the Photon Shepherds (G.McKneally & D.Vigh) in collaboration with Marco Ruffatti. Cinematography by Zoltan Tombor.
The Photon Shepherds and our partner organization, "Art Mafia", the excellent European production team, are collaborating  to produce music videos and diverse other projects. Check out the Mafia site for info about the recent productions, and the team. New Photon Shepherds / Art Mafia short film in development now.
Mixmasters @ OPTRONICA, NFT London
At the OPTRONICA Festival this summer, “Light Noise”, the 10 minute audio visual piece from The Photon Shepherds, was chosen to be one of the TOP TEN of the ITV1 program Mixmasters , and was screened at the National Film Theatre in London.  To make this piece, the Shepherds formed a musical ensemble called Sonic Flok and created audiovisual ideas around the theme of “Light”. Making this piece was a great experience – thanks to all who participated in the project! We are now working on the Photon Shepherds & Sonic Flok live audiovisual performance. Mixmasters, and the Optronica Festival are produced by the wonderful people at Addictive TV. Check them out here.
The Photon Shepherds have completed a 10 minute audio visual piece called Light Noise for the ITV program Mixmasters, produced by Addictive TV. It was first broadcast on Friday October 1st 2004. We really enjoyed making this piece and to make the music we formed an musical ensemble called Sonic Flok. Based on the success of this piece, we are now planning to create an AudioVisual Album of original music and video/animation. Thanks to everyone who worked on the project! You will be able to watch the piece here after the broadcast. Mixmasters broadcasts every Friday night on ITV1 from 3rd September 2004 until the end of December.